Nomad, Go Anywhere, Espresso Machine

REAL portable espresso is something of a holy grail among coffee aficionados, so I was happy to see these folks reached their Kickstarter goal to creaet a green, portable machine without the usual shortcuts of electricity, batteries, or high pressure gas cartridges.

uniterranomad1 1 The Nomad   espresso making simplified

The Nomad is perfect for everyday use at home in the kitchen or garden. It’s the ideal espresso machine to use at work or in the field. The Nomad is a great companion for your RV, camping, and boating lifestyle. Whether you take it with you fishing, or hunting, or on a business trip the best espresso is …
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Tea Infuser of Conspicuous Design

Yeah, I had to do a double take as well, but I assure you it is just a tea infuser. Love the sleek design though, easy to tuck into your commuter/carry bag or purse.

You wouldn’t like us before our first cup of tea has had time to absorb into our system. We’re downright cranky and irritable about that whole “waking up” business. But once we’ve wrapped our hands around our favorite mug and smelled the aroma of our favorite blend, things start to look up. Life just wouldn’t be the same without our caffeine of choice.

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Portable Pocket Bidet… No, Really!

I mean who wouldn’t want a bidet in their purse or commuter bag? But seriously, perhaps for the more Euro-centric traveler or while hiking/camping? If nothing else, you have a makeshift super soaker on short notice. 🙂

The Hygienna Solo is a discreet nozzle that transforms plastic water bottles into a personal and portable hygiene device or bidet. With a simple squeeze of the bottle, you can obtain a superior cleaning experience anywhere and anytime.

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Folding Speakers Give Your Gadget Audio Oomph On the Go

I love my phone and tablet and the portable entertainment and presentation options they give me, but frankly, even the best of these devices suffer from the practical limitation of small speakers… tinny and boxy sound once the headphones are off.  Lugging around portable speakers defeats the purpose of that portable, which is why I love this ingenious concept by Design Affairs.

FYLM is a foldable speaker that goes anywhere you want it to go!  Just millimeters thick, the flexible form can be folded and tucked away into any pocket, notebook or handbag for convenience. Simply unfold it and connect …
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Classic Frontier Stove With Modern Design Practicality

In an age of super light, exotic pressured gas mixes in proprietary canisters, Camping Solutions’ Frontier Stove is a marvelous throw-back that is remarkable durable, reliable and practical.  I love the design that looks like you could fight a bear off with it, or haul it to the next base camp. The only challenge?  A US distributor?

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