Tea Infuser of Conspicuous Design

Yeah, I had to do a double take as well, but I assure you it is just a tea infuser. Love the sleek design though, easy to tuck into your commuter/carry bag or purse.

You wouldn’t like us before our first cup of tea has had time to absorb into our system. We’re downright cranky and irritable about that whole “waking up” business. But once we’ve wrapped our hands around our favorite mug and smelled the aroma of our favorite blend, things start to look up. Life just wouldn’t be the same without our caffeine of choice.

Sleek & Unique

The Teastick is a unique way to brew your favorite loose leaf tea. (If you haven’t tried loose leaf tea yet, don’t wait any longer! Snag a Teastick and a Timmy’s Tea Sampler and be prepared to blow your mind and tastebuds.) Pull out the black insert, fill it with tea leaves, slide it back into the Teastick, and then dunk it into your cup of hot water. In just a few minutes, you’ll have the perfect cup of tea and be on the road to caffeinated happiness.

Product Specifications

  • A sleek & unique brewer for loose leaf tea
  • Fill the insert with tea leaves, close the stick, place in hot water
  • Holes in the stick allow the tea to steep perfectly
  • Perfect gift for the tea lover
  • Materials: Stainless steel with food-safe plastic insert
  • Dimensions: 6.25″ long


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