Portable Pocket Bidet… No, Really!

I mean who wouldn’t want a bidet in their purse or commuter bag? But seriously, perhaps for the more Euro-centric traveler or while hiking/camping? If nothing else, you have a makeshift super soaker on short notice. 🙂

The Hygienna Solo is a discreet nozzle that transforms plastic water bottles into a personal and portable hygiene device or bidet. With a simple squeeze of the bottle, you can obtain a superior cleaning experience anywhere and anytime.

Weighing 15g and 3” in height, the Hygienna Solo is the world’s most portable bidet.  It can be discreetly carried in your pocket, purse, brief case or bag.  The most important feature is the angle of the nozzle, which is designed to provide a direct flow of water to the desired wash area. The shower-head nozzle produces a gentle stream of water that is more effective than using toilet paper alone.

Hygienna Solo (teal)

Via Hygienna



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