IKEA Hack A Floating Computer Desk

A laptop is not enough for every home worker or office and this creation helps to alleviate some of those limitations without gobbling up a huge amount of living space.  As a bonus its DIY and looks super clean.


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Minimize the Toy, Maximize the Imagination

I’m a firm believer that children’s toys should meet the imagination halfway, empowering creativity and exploration, rather than present entertainment. In a similar vein, Kukkia’s “Machi” is a simple, minimalist set that allows children to create freeplay creations.


Kukkia means ‘to bloom’ in Finnish and ‘kuki’ means stem in Japanese. The focus of their products is to provide children with tactile and vividly-colored shapes that are both fun and visually stimulating. They want kids to get involved and to use their imaginations to create, change and re-invent how toys are played with.

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More Clever Transforming Furniture Concepts

I do love stuff that turns into other stuff. I think my subconscious rationales that it is getting two (or more) things for one. As for names, I’m thinking Decepticouch!  😉

This ingenious convertible furniture piece is perfect for compact spaces, instantly transforming from 3 person sofa to 6 person dining table. Simply unfold the top/back, remove the cushions, & expand their legs to create a comfortable space to eat, play a card game, or enjoy other group activities.

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Flatmate Desk Space Saving Work Area

For the minimalist work space that you want tucked away out of the way and out of sight when not in use, this desk really cuts the furniture footprint down to nothing.

The Flatmate desk is a fit anywhere necessity


Due to its slim depth and sleek, unobtrusive exterior it transforms long hallways into home offices, offers an intimate place for writing letters in the bedroom or serves as a temporary workplace in a weekend home as required.

FLATMATE makes practical use of such remaining spaces, which are unsuitable for conventional furniture; due to its compact dimensions this reinterpretation of the bureau is ideal for mobile living …
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Minimalist Floating Cabin

I love the use of wood and the simple symmetry of this floating cabin.  Not entirely sure about the shingled design or the below waterline windows, but I can definitely get behind the concept in general.  An aquatic retreat.

The project basically features is a floating catamaran suite including four places to sleep, two terraces for relaxing, and a crow’s nest to spot birds. The floating catamaran suite aims to lure a broader target group to nature and to help them understand the beauty and importance of nature and the protection hereof.

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