Ingenius Wrinkle Free Clothes “Roller”

I’m always impressed by clever travel and packing solution.  I roll my clothes in regular bags, but this devices seems to take the practice to a whole new level.

Flying these days involves so much inconvenience. Would you take off your shoes, empty your water bottle, take out your laptop, go through a metal detector, and be frisked by a stranger to ride the subway to work? Oh! And risk your bags not arriving at your destination? Heck, no. But for the frequent traveler, the annoyance of the security checkpoint is a way of life.

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Why Yes, This is the Luggage You Are Looking For

This tribute to Star War’s most beloved droid appeared on Salvador Bachiller luggage site recently, but now it is apparently gone. My money is on the ‘forces” of Lucas’ lawyers, sadly.  There are many other beautiful and clever ideas still on the site, though…

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Commuter Bag You Axed For

Alright, I’m sure there is a perfectly reasonable explanation… which I choose to ignore and replace with my own theories.  Either the Tinman from The Wizard of Oz is commuting, this bag is for firemen or zombie preppers. Got a better theory? Let us know.


Making expertly crafted products for city dwelling outdoor enthusiasts, NYC’s own Best Made Co.stands at the forefront of the return to our roots movement. “We operate in NYC,” says lead designer Hunter Craighill, “but we focus on the outdoors and the products that get people outside.” To further encourage this call to nature, Best Made …
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Suitcase that Suits You

So much for the subtle travelers trick of tying a colored ribbon on the handle or something similar.  SuitSuit abandons that approach for a bolder approach to spotting your luggage on the airport carousel. Now… if only I could submit my own designs.

suitsuitcases small SuitSuit Cases guarantee that your baggage stands out on the conveyor belt

Are you a frequent flyer, planning a trip soon, or just want to be prepared in case the travel bug bites? Well you don’t need to be Marco Polo or Magellan to appreciate a good piece of luggage. Whether it’s holding exotic natural specimens, bars of cursed Incan gold or just your unmentionables and some duty free; …
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Travel Lock Solution

I kind of have to agree. Those tiny lock and tiny keys invariable disappear on me every time.  There is probably a small horde of them along side numerous single socks.


You may find this funny, but I carry a separate coin purse in my handbag, exclusively for the keys to the locks of my travel bags. One lost key, a busted zipper and an expensive broken lock later, I decided not to take the risk of misplacing the keys ever again! Lockeeper hopes to remedy such situations and I really hope that the concept of a self locking …
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