Ingenius Wrinkle Free Clothes “Roller”

I’m always impressed by clever travel and packing solution.  I roll my clothes in regular bags, but this devices seems to take the practice to a whole new level.

Flying these days involves so much inconvenience. Would you take off your shoes, empty your water bottle, take out your laptop, go through a metal detector, and be frisked by a stranger to ride the subway to work? Oh! And risk your bags not arriving at your destination? Heck, no. But for the frequent traveler, the annoyance of the security checkpoint is a way of life.

The SkyRoll roll-up garment bag eliminates the need for at least one of those steps with its innovative design. (Sorry, it can’t do anything about your shoes or that iced coffee you were hoping to finish.) This garment bag rolls up around a hollow tube to keep your clothes from getting folded, minimizing creases! You can store shoes and toiletries in the tube portion, squeezing everything you need in one carry-on-sized bag.

Product Specifications

  • Roll-up carry-on-sized garment bag
  • Rolls clothes to prevent folds and wrinkles
  • Great gift for frequent travelers who hate ironing!
  • Capacity: Fits about two suits
  • Materials: Extra tough 1200 denier ballistic fabric
  • Dimensions: 22″ long x 8.5″ wide (empty) 47″ x 22″ (garment bag)
  • Weight: 4 lbs when empty



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