Salt of the Earth Creates Otherworldly Shapes

I love crystals and not in a New Age sort of way, I appreciate the beauty that emerges from a few simple laws of physics to create pleasing and sometimes exotic forms. An excellent example is Daniel MacDonald’s works of purified salt.

Shio Otherworldly Lights Made from Salt by Daniel MacDonald

nspired by a childhood trip to Yellowstone National Park, Daniel MacDonald invented a way to create these orb-like sculptures that he calls shio, which happens to be the Japanese word for salt. The orbs are created in a studio where purified salt is poured over forms made by MacDonald. The salt water flows and slowly builds up over …
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Resin Jelly Fish Lamp Mimics Natural Bio-Luminescence Effect

Although my first impression was of something even more impressive (living bio-luminescent jelly fish) these are still quite lovely in a surreal sort of way. And a couple notches above the ubiquitous lava lamp on my personal trippy meter.

Jellyfish Art Sculptures are a work of art. They are made of epoxy.We have been in business for many years. They absorb light from within and will glow in the dark at night very exquisitely.I have one that has been glowing in the dark for over 5 years. I have my jellyfish on the fireplace mantle. I will cut the lights …
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Portable Seasonal Affective Disorder Light

My personal jury is out on whether or not these things works. Frankly, I’m grumpy and moody regardless of the season, but I’m wary of plug-and-play solutions.  The research seems to say these things work so perhaps something for sufferers of SAD to look in to.

Within the past 20 years, scientists have discovered that many of our key mood hormones are regulated by light. Today, light therapy is prescribed by psychiatrists, psychologists and family doctors, and is considered the most effective non-pharmaceutical treatment for sad. Light therapy is a very effective treatment because it treats one of the primary …
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