Resin Jelly Fish Lamp Mimics Natural Bio-Luminescence Effect

Although my first impression was of something even more impressive (living bio-luminescent jelly fish) these are still quite lovely in a surreal sort of way. And a couple notches above the ubiquitous lava lamp on my personal trippy meter.

Jellyfish Art Sculptures are a work of art. They are made of epoxy.We have been in business for many years. They absorb light from within and will glow in the dark at night very exquisitely.I have one that has been glowing in the dark for over 5 years. I have my jellyfish on the fireplace mantle. I will cut the lights off and the jellyfish will illuminate. We guarantee they will never break or shatter. These are cast impressions of real jellyfish.We model them after the real thing.They are so lifelike your friends will think they are alive. The light bases provide the jellyfish a way to change colors. It will change 7 different colors. I think everyone should have a light base as well.

Jellyfish absorb light naturally. They will GLOW in a darkened ocean because of glow proteins in their body. Jellyfish live for only 6 months in ocean because of a bacteria that attacks them after they breed. These jellyfish are aquarium raised and live 3 times longer. They contain Bioluminescence ( phosphor proteins). This is a defense mechanism that causes them to glow in the dark to frighten predators. Jellyfish are one of the most common creatures in the world. They feed upon plankton which is becoming more and more abundant due to the fertilizer wash offs in our streams into our oceans. There are over 2000 species of jellyfish around the world. Jellyfish come in a variety of colors depending on there environment or food source.

Via The Amazing Jelly Fish

3 Comments on “Resin Jelly Fish Lamp Mimics Natural Bio-Luminescence Effect

  1. Julie on said:

    wow I would loveone of these…thanks for sharing:) Julie

  2. Our pleasure, thanks for reading!

  3. Banghao liang on said:

    I’ve been looking for one of these for a while. Where can I buy one?

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