Indian Tents

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A little something to aim for at your next “camp over” event.

To send this summer off in style, I thought I would profile these colorful Indian tents. Most of them are primarily used for temporary purposes such as weddings and parties, but they are so well made and are so beautiful that they could be used as a tiny house – and you would be living like royalty.

Traditional Indian tents were often used as royal structures for the Maharajas and their courts. Ceremonial tents became the symbol of wealth and rank and the centerpiece of religion and society. Tents were often the most precious possessions – dwellings of both utility, luxury and mobility. The history of tents is long and widespread, mentioned in holy literature, recorded in poetry and depicted in art. Today, these tents are still used at palaces, private properties, gardens and resorts.

Most of these tents are handcrafted from strong waterproof canvas and decorated with traditional Indian block designs. Once one of the basic forms of transportable housing, modern-day tents have stepped it up to include floors, decks, kitchens and bathrooms. Some companies even design and build furniture, rugs and curtains specifically for tents.

Several companies design, build and deliver these types of tents all over the world:

Taluka Tents

Maharaja Tents

Sangeeta International

Photos courtesy of Taluka Tents

By Christina Nellemann for the [Tiny House Blog]

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