Kitchen Tools in a Bottle

Cast a drift in an ocean of kitchen utensils, this is your message in a bottle.  Eight kitchen essentials in a neat, bottle container!

Akebono All-in-One Kitchen Tool Set

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Hakan Gürsu Replaces Your Drawer Full of Graters

Hakan Gürsu’s device looks to replace your kitchen drawer full of graters.  While I’m usually skeptical of “omni” devices, I have to admit he’s come up with a beautiful and functional looking piece of work.

The design has the same grating options (slicing, zesting, shredding) but features arms that expand to clip onto dishware with its multiple teeth on the underside. In its collapsed form it saves more space, and it’s also waaaaaay easier to clean! Needs it!

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Stealth Pantry Reclaim Kitchen Space

You can never  have enough pantry space and the folks over at Classy Clutter have a great idea for using that gap found between many refrigerators and their “nook”.

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Forget Paper & Scissors, Rock Wins in the Kitchen

Mankind started with trusty rock, and now you can continue the tradition in your kitchen with this all-purpose implement.

Shaped like a rock, the Homo Sapien multi-tool is made to get the job done – or rather: more than one. All for the low price of $39.99 (if you can find one – ThinkGeek appears to have stopped selling them).

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Integrated Spam Slicer

The problem that has plagued mankind since the dawn of time has been solved. Finally, you can neatly and easily slice all that Spam you’ve been mangling.

The Easy Slicer is a very clever redesign for a canned ham packaging. Basically you can rip open the can with an easy grip and use the included plastic slicer to cut the canned ham into even slices straight in the can! No need for a cutting board or knife, it is especially helpful at picnics and outdoor luncheons.

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