Jurassic Cookies!

Two of my favorite things, flatpack and cookies comes together to make Dinosaur Cookies!

Cookie cutters in the shape of dinosaur body parts. Cut out cookie dough, bake in the oven, then slot the cookies together to make edible dinosaurs that will stand up your plate. Create the tastiest treats this side of the Jurassic period… then eat them into extinction. Each pack includes cutters for the body parts required to bake a whole dinosaur, with 4 to collect (Triceratops, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus and T-Rex).

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Reusable Nozzle Converts Your Lemon to Spritzer

I am ashamed to say I’ve used more than my fair share of those plastic bottles filled with lemon or lime juice rather than juicing my own. This device is a step above those, seeming to provide the convenience as well as the freshness.

Spray juice citrus fruit directly to season your dishes or flavor of the most refreshing drinks and cocktails. Includes 2 sizes to get the most out of each fruit: one long for lemons, oranges and grapefruit and a short one for smaller citrus such as tangerines and limes

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If Henry Ford Invented Breakfast

On the opposite end of the uni-tasker, a device which is almost useless in its ability to to anything but a single task, is the multi-tasker.  These devices seek to combine a ton of functions and usually end up doing them all in a pretty mediocre manner (all in one printer, anyone?).  Behold the 3 in 1 Breakfast Station.

The world is shrinking… you may have heard the adage. It implies that today’s ever-more-connected society is reducing the practical distance between us to almost nothing. The truth is, though, we’re running out of space! Either we’re living in increasingly urban …
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Incred-a-brew Direct Immersion Coffee Maker

I’m always on the look out for new ways to enjoy my favorite beverage.  In fact, only limited space and finances keeps me from creating a “coffee maker” room in my home.

Hot Java

The Incred-a-brew Direct Immersion Coffee Maker is perfect for making a solo cup of delicious hot coffee. Simply scoop a your favorite grounds into the large BPA-free chamber, pour over preheated filtered water at 198 to 204 degrees Fahrenheit (just off the boil), and let it steep for 3 to 5 minutes, depending on whether you like your coffee sweet and mild, or dark and strong. Then, just …
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Fresh Herbs in the Kitchen for the 21st Century

Plenty of people have a window box of herbs in their kitchens (whether they actually use them or use them properly is another matter altogether), but how many people can say they have a hydroponic herb garden in their kitchens?

This kitchen island grows culinary herbs right in your kitchen.  The solid maple mitered frame is bleached and then whitewashed.  Two stand alone ebb and flow hydroponic systems are nested in a cedar drawer directly under two LED and two T5 High Output CFL grow lights.  60W x 33D x 36H.  Custom iterations are available upon request.

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