Popcorn Cannon Launches Tasty Treats Right At You

Not that I wouldn’t get plenty of mileage out of this device, but if it came in a model that could respond to my dog’s bark, they’d have a four-legged friend for life. Sadly, the product is probably an internet hoax.  So… get on making this real, Kickstarter. 🙂

The Popinator makes eating popcorn more fun

The Popinator is an automated popcorn-shooting device. Created by snack maker, Popcorn Indiana, it uses a binaural microphone system – which is similar to how we hear things – and when it “hears” the word “pop”, it launches a popped piece of popcorn through the air, It pinpoints where the sound came from and a small barrel flips the popcorn so that you can catch it in your mouth.



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