Ironing Technology Evolved

Folks that know me well, know I have a “thing” about ironing. How could I know be excited about this clever ironing board design?

Iron Station__Secondary_03

Ironing clothes on a traditional board is very far from easy. That’s because those boards were designed with… well, God knows what they had in mind when they designed them! You end up moving your wrinkly duds in all directions just to lay one part or the other flat. It’s stupid. But the Ironing Station you see above isn’t.

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Futuristic Ironing from Dyson

My passion for ironing has been documented elsewhere, so it shouldn’t surprise any of my friends that any news about advances in ironing technology or technique will garner undo (as far as more reasonable folk are concerned) attention from me.

The Dyson Calor’shocks revisits ironing clothes by using heat and ultrasound to ease out the wrinkles. Ironing is basically a chore no one likes to do and unless you’re the crisp-white-shirt types, we try and cut corners just to get it over and done with.

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Crease Conquering Ironing Gadget

You now how I feel about ironing… it is a meditation in bring order to a chaotic world. Sometimes order can use a hand though.

Sometimes, the solution to a common problem is simplicity itself. Say hello to Outline, a flexible frame that allows you to keep clothing taut and seams aligned while ironing your favorite threads. Outline consists of a flexible steel loop with a movable handle: sliding the handle forward will condense the loop for easy insertion into a sleeve, while retracting it will cause the loop to expand, conforming perfectly to the outline of the fabric.

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