Crease Conquering Ironing Gadget

You now how I feel about ironing… it is a meditation in bring order to a chaotic world. Sometimes order can use a hand though.

Sometimes, the solution to a common problem is simplicity itself. Say hello to Outline, a flexible frame that allows you to keep clothing taut and seams aligned while ironing your favorite threads. Outline consists of a flexible steel loop with a movable handle: sliding the handle forward will condense the loop for easy insertion into a sleeve, while retracting it will cause the loop to expand, conforming perfectly to the outline of the fabric.

The handle can also be separated if the full width of the loop is needed, so there’s no garment too large for this mighty little helper to tackle. Who knows, with a tool this easy to use, you might finally be able to enjoy your ironing (we’re crossing our fingers).

– Silicone-coated spring steel loop that expands to keep clothing taut, and seams lined-up
– Sliding handle that adjusts the width of the loop, allowing for easy insertion into sleeves

– Silicone-coated spring steel
– Polypropylene handle – 19.5 grams

– Handle: 2.5″ L x 1″ W
– Loop: Approx. 24″


Via Quirky


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