How-to: Avoid "Facebook malware"

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It’s official. Facebook is malware, but if you’re running Firefox with AdBlocker, you can buy yourself some protection in the mean time. I suppose its only a matter of time before I have to add Facebook ends up in PeerBlock, Hosts files and AV software.

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Nice tip spotted in the BB comments for avoiding “Facebook malware” – In Firefox, install AdBlock plus, add these filters (above). Now you can browse the web without Facebook installing applications you don’t want or sharing information with sites you do not want information shared with, or at least only ones you choose. This will remove “Likes” on sites as well, but you can manually pick which sites are OK for Facebook features to be displayed on. It’s your browser, your time – on your display.

Update: It’s funny that this is the most “Liked” post at the moment!

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