Hidden Room Bookcase

If you’d like to feel like Bruce Wayne / Batman with a secret layer behind that innocuous looking bookcase, then these guys can hook you up.  Just be warned, you’d better have a Bruce Wayne wallet too; Opulent Items charges $3000 for this and there is no free shipping.

Hidden Bookcase

This hidden bookcase smoothly slides on a floor-based rail (included) and conceals any room in your office or home. Made of oak wood, maple wood or cherry wood, high-strength rail system

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Stylish Collapsible Shelving

My love of things that break down or transform strikes again.  Just had to share these shelves by Turkish designer, Tahsin Emre Eke.

Storage in small spaces is always a big concern for homeowners and selecting the right kind of furniture units is of great significance. Ready-to-assemble furniture (aka Flatpack furniture) is quite popular nowadays with the people living in compact urban spaces, as it’s quite easy to assemble it after purchase.

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Diamond Shaped Corner Shelves

Reclaim some corner space for books, knick-knacks or supplies while adding a touch of style.  Video after the cut.

Founded in Spring 2011, Core Deco aims to create unique functional design objects and furniture for residential spaces. Conceptualized by graphic artist Matt W. Moore and built by master woodcrafter Erik Flanagan, the Diamond corner shelving system makes way for dynamic shadow play, which depends on the light source. The 5-level shelf in the shape of a diamond would add grace to any corner of your living room. A work of art, the Diamond corner bookshelf offers enough storage space for …
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Flat Pack Chair

Stuff that turns into other stuff holds a special place in my heart, but flatpack runs a close second.  Aside from the practicality of shipping and distribution, the thought of “breaking camp” has a certain modern day Romany charm to it.

Led by the idea of flat packaging and easy assemblage, the single elements of this chair are planar and designed to be slotted into each other, without the necessity of any glue or screws. To maintain their position, all joints are defined as an interlocking system, which, once it is fully assembled, cannot be dissembled again.

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Mind Blowing Modular Chairs and Sofas

I love everything about these; the colors, the geometry and flexibility. Its the sort of furniture that makes you want to build a building AROUND.

PLOT / Brunner

PLOT is a spatial seating landscape for a very wide range of use. Inspired by cascaded formations in nature, it provides multiple sitting positions. The unique way of connecting and arranging the identical modules makes it the perfect solution for any space or situation, be it an university setting, a hotel lobby or an airport. By positioning the elements either conventionally or more loosely they always fit perfectly to their surroundings.

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