How to Create Your Own Storage Compartment Sofa

I love having more storage and if its discretely integrated into something I’m going to have anyway, all the better.  Anyone who is trying to live in a small space and declutter their lives will also love Ana White’s storage compartment sofa plan.

Storage Sofa

A sofa that you can build with a fold out seat perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets. Based off a sleeping pad foam cushion, so seating surface doubles as a guest bed.

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Transforming Furniture for Fitness

I do love things with multiple uses, and bonus points for things that turn into other things.

In the modern world, the average working person sits almost 10 hours per day! It seems a bit unnatural doesn’t it? It’s no wonder that the latest trend in furniture is seating that aims to work your body while you’re at work. The Jopple is one example that forces the user to maintain balance while seated so they maintain a tight core.

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Whiskey Barrel Re-purposed as Coffee Table With Storage

Why should a whiskey barrel only be used once to bring happiness into the world?  Why not re-purposed it into a conversation piece of furniture?

Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table

The Whiskey Barrel Coffee Table is made using an aged-oak Whiskey barrel that once had a home in a Tennessee distillery. Now it’s a furniture piece that makes for a perfect conversation starter. A pine tabletop is placed on top of the barrel, and the base is hand-stained for “rustic charm.”

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Gorgeous Tensegrity Table Combing Wood, Metal and Glass

I love more types of furniture and furnishing design than I could conceivably and tastefully integrate into any single home. This superb tensegrity table by Akke Functional Art is no exception.

This collection represents the delicate nature of the human psyche and the inherent risks involved in taking chances — as well as the great rewards that come from successfully pursuing one’s dreams.

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Manila Envelope As A Wooden Chest

I’ve seen them styled as tablet cases and as bed covers, but this is the first time I’ve seen one fashioned as a storage chest. Folks over at Field Day have this clever idea at just under a cool $1000 so you might want to save your pennies or try your hand at DIY.

The classic interoffice envelope inspired the look and function of the Envelope Chest. Perfect for storing your most important things, the sleek chest fastens securely with custom leather rounds and cord. Its soft close hinges and solid maple bottom complete the sturdy piece.

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