Funky Stereo Speaker “Tree”

I really dig the tree-like branches of this stereo speakers system.  There are two schools of thought when it comes to speakers, hide them and make them part of the decor.  This approach definitely fulfills the later.

The Sonos Listening Library at The Standard, East Village is a custom space debuting one-of-a-kind furniture and design pieces along with Sonos home audio speakers, to create the optimal high-quality music-listening experience. The focal point is a custom Sonos “Soundalier” created by Kiel Mead and Lindsey Adelman, which utilizes Adelman’s contemporary iron chandeliers with the lighting replaced by Sonos’s Play: 3 wireless …
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A Whole New Meaning to the Phrase Dramatic Lighting

Why simply flip a switch or, heaven help you, “clap on” an outlet, when you can press the shiny red button dramatically.


In every sci-fi film or TV show, there is usually one easily recognizable trope – no, not the hypersexual female alien in the skin-tight cat-suit, though she does make a fairly regular appearance. The answer we’re looking for is the panic-button. You know, the Red Button™! The big shiny candy-like button that erases history, ejects the warp core, blows the emergency seals, activates the self-destruct, sounds red-alert, engages the hyperdrive, activates the halide fire-retardants, or simply flushes …
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