A Whole New Meaning to the Phrase Dramatic Lighting

Why simply flip a switch or, heaven help you, “clap on” an outlet, when you can press the shiny red button dramatically.


In every sci-fi film or TV show, there is usually one easily recognizable trope – no, not the hypersexual female alien in the skin-tight cat-suit, though she does make a fairly regular appearance. The answer we’re looking for is the panic-button. You know, the Red Button™! The big shiny candy-like button that erases history, ejects the warp core, blows the emergency seals, activates the self-destruct, sounds red-alert, engages the hyperdrive, activates the halide fire-retardants, or simply flushes the waste-disposal system is a regular character in most sci-fi.


  • US Light-switch replacement kit
  • 2 3/4″ by 4 1/4″ brushed aluminum wall plate and large red dimmer switch
  • Not suitable for fighter ejection panels, nuclear rod extraction, or fire suppression systems
  • Let’s be serious here:
    • Please use caution when performing any electrical work in your house
    • Make sure you trip the breaker to your outlet to the off position before attempting to replace your switch

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