Dog Trainer Leash Alarm

As the co-human of a dog that occasionally forgets he is wearing a leash, I think this is a great idea… however, it has better be chew-proof.

Simply attach this training aid between your dog’s leash and collar, and walk him as usual. When he pulls on the leash, a brief, high-pitched whistle reinforces your verbal command to “stop.” Unacceptable behavior usually ceases within 2-3 days. Safe, non-electric, and effective for any size or breed of dog.

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Cyclist’s Dog Walker

My partner positively frets every time we leave the dog behind to go for a bike ride. While I’m not entirely convinced it can be done, this device offers an inexpensive way to take fido along.

Dog Walking Aid For Bicycles This Dog Walking Aid for Bicycles will keep your furry friend out of harms way

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Curb Canine Gluttony With Green Interactive Feeder

Many dogs wolf food. It a combination of instinct and, sometimes, anxiety.  You can feed them small amounts at a time or you can use this creative solution to slow him down to a healthy pace.

This is one seriously cool dog feeder. Designed to slow your dog down when eating, this feeder also doubles as an interactive, reward-based game. Many dogs “inhale” their food, which can lead to all sorts of digestive problems. Green slows down their eating time considerably while adding a fun, modern look to their eating space.

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Bacon Flavored Bubble Machine, For Dogs (Maybe)

I’ve never met a dog that didn’t eat soap bubbles, either to the delight or frustration of the children blowing them.  By making them bacon scented you aren’t going to discourage that reaction but you may make yourself a lifelong canine friend.

In this package, you’ll receive: 1 x Bubbletastic dog bubble machine 4 x Bubbletastic 8 oz. bacon bubble refill bottles Instructions Did you know? Dogs L-O-V-E popping bubbles! Yep, it’s true. Dog’s just can’t get enough of bubbles. Popping them, chasing them, pouncing on them and chomping them! Well, who can blame them when the dog bubbles are …
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Canine Genealogy Kit

I’m pretty convinced our dog is a Certified Floppy Eared Rescue Mutt, but I’m willing to entertain the possibility there might be some identifiable breed in there… somewhere. Not sure I’m willing to plop down $70 to find out though.

This kit analyzes your dog’s DNA and identifies the breeds in its ancestry. It provides scientific confirmation of the physical characteristics, behavioral tendencies, personality traits, and potential health risks a mixed-breed dog has inherited. A professional laboratory tests a cotton swab that you simply rub against the inside of the dog’s cheek and send to the lab in the provided …
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