Canine Genealogy Kit

I’m pretty convinced our dog is a Certified Floppy Eared Rescue Mutt, but I’m willing to entertain the possibility there might be some identifiable breed in there… somewhere. Not sure I’m willing to plop down $70 to find out though.

This kit analyzes your dog’s DNA and identifies the breeds in its ancestry. It provides scientific confirmation of the physical characteristics, behavioral tendencies, personality traits, and potential health risks a mixed-breed dog has inherited. A professional laboratory tests a cotton swab that you simply rub against the inside of the dog’s cheek and send to the lab in the provided envelope. The laboratory compares the unique sequences in the canine’s genome with DNA markers of over 185 breeds.

You will receive a detailed report of the results that confirms the most likely combination of pure and mixed breeds in your dog’s last three ancestral generations. The report also details the physical and personality traits common to the breeds that make up your pet’s ancestry. Please allow three weeks for results.

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