IKEA Hack A Floating Computer Desk

A laptop is not enough for every home worker or office and this creation helps to alleviate some of those limitations without gobbling up a huge amount of living space.  As a bonus its DIY and looks super clean.


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FitDesk Combines Exercise and Productivity

Not the first exercise bike to incorporate a workstation, but this one seems to have a bit more polish to it than some I’ve seen. Additionally, the folding design is a nice nod to the space-conscious.


The FitDesk X1 Lightweight Folding Exercise Bike w/Sliding Desk Platform is perfect for improving your cardiovascular health while working on that next big deadline, surfing the web or keeping up with friends. The strategically placed rollers give you relief from daily typing strain and the resistance bands help build upper body strength.

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Flatmate Desk Space Saving Work Area

For the minimalist work space that you want tucked away out of the way and out of sight when not in use, this desk really cuts the furniture footprint down to nothing.

The Flatmate desk is a fit anywhere necessity


Due to its slim depth and sleek, unobtrusive exterior it transforms long hallways into home offices, offers an intimate place for writing letters in the bedroom or serves as a temporary workplace in a weekend home as required.

FLATMATE makes practical use of such remaining spaces, which are unsuitable for conventional furniture; due to its compact dimensions this reinterpretation of the bureau is ideal for mobile living …
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Hideous But Ingenius IKEA Hacked Desk

I’m pretty sure my partner would banish this stainless steel behemoth from our home if I attempted it, but you do have to hand it to the person for a very clever solution.

I had to surrender my home office to make room for my new baby boy 😉 I took an Ikea stainless steel kitchen “work table”, some Ikea computer tower desk trays, two steel tabletops, and two grated steel shelves to make an “office” that I could pack away into a closet.

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Space Saving Laptop Hammock “Dock” on the Cheap

Clear off some valuable desk space with this DIY hammock that hangs your laptop off the edge of your desk for just a few bucks.  I’d be tempted to modify it a bit to make the laptop a bit more secure, but it is definitely an idea that has a lot of merit. Video after the cut.

DIY: Make your own laptop hammock, for a dollar

I wanted my laptop off my desk. I still wanted it within reach to use as my primary computer and able to power the external monitor, keyboard, and mouse. Unfortunately, my desk is not very big. An extra shelf for the computer seemed …
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