Draw Bridge Style Planters Added Micro Gardening to Your Window

Combining the best of vertical gardening and window sill gardening, these clever planter designs by Barreau & Charbonnet really caught my eye.  Not sure you could get away with it in every rental, but there so neat, I’d be tempted to try. More pictures and video after the cut.

Translated: “Component” plant” is a response to the growing needs of contact with the plant users especially in a dense city. This product revisits the hanging garden by multiplying the surface plant at the window. On the other hand, they can enroll in a logic of home furnishings, as a plant surface attached to a wall in a dwelling. 

Our desire was to provide a clever solution to lack of space for the garden by developing a small nature that unfolds horizontally. The simple handling of” Component” plant can also raise it vertically and thus to provide a filter outside light into the slot. We manufactured a prototype that is a few months to test in a home. The project is being developed for future commercialization.


Via Barreau & Charbonnet




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