A Good Cup of Coffee Raises Your Spirit

This might be taking the spirit-lifting effects of a tasty beverage a bit too literally, but I think these cups are delightful.


The factory will also need to produce the production molds for the mug and handle as well.  If the project is really popular, I may consider offering color options if the manufacturing process easily allows for it. It’s my understanding that during the glazing process, maintaining the mug in a hanging position in extreme temperatures complicates the traditional process of making a porcelain mug. For this project to be successful, I will need a minimum order of 500 …
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Retro? Modern? Who Cares, It’s One Cool Coffee Maker

I was a little surprised to learn this coffee maker has been around for 19 years, I guess that says a lot about designs coming back around in more things than fashion.


Innovative preparation of coffee.  Borosilicate glass in combination with stainless steel.  1 litre.

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Vacuum Brewer

I own a similar, albeit more primitive model, of this vacuum brewer and have to say it makes a pretty tasty cup of coffee.  The trade off from a French Press is that the Vacuum Brewer takes a little while longer to make coffee and can be a little more difficult to clean.  However, the “wow” factor is a real crowd pleaser and guests will appreciate the coffee showmanship.

Vacuum brewing is exceptionally effective at extracting all the flavor from the coffee grounds without the more “chewy” texture of the french press method. The method is pretty old school, but …
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Proper Coffee Cold Drip, Kickstarter Project to Kickstart Your Mornings

I would like to introduce you to the Proper Coffee Cold Drip. It’s a blend of old Japanese style coffee making with a modern look and feel. From my travels around the country visiting many of the best 3rd wave coffee shops has inspired me to make one of the best cold drip coffee machines. Coffee, that after 12 hours of brew time produces a syrupy-sweet concoction that can only be enjoyed with time and patience.

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