Vacuum Brewer

I own a similar, albeit more primitive model, of this vacuum brewer and have to say it makes a pretty tasty cup of coffee.  The trade off from a French Press is that the Vacuum Brewer takes a little while longer to make coffee and can be a little more difficult to clean.  However, the “wow” factor is a real crowd pleaser and guests will appreciate the coffee showmanship.

Vacuum brewing is exceptionally effective at extracting all the flavor from the coffee grounds without the more “chewy” texture of the french press method. The method is pretty old school, but it’s awesome to watch and the resulting brew is clear and delicious. Delicate coffees like African and Central American blends bloom with vacuum brewing, but you’ll definitely want to taste test all your favorite beans using this method to experience the clean, crisp flavor.

How does it work? Vapor pressure! During the process of brewing, the rapid expansion and contraction of gasses pushes the liquid from vessel to vessel. The result is delicious coffee.

The process:

  1. Heat water to a boil in the carafe and pour your prepared coffee grounds into the upper glass container.
  2. When the water is boiling, insert the stem of the upper container into the carafe.
  3. Pressure in the lower vessel will push the hot water up the stem and into the coffee grounds, absorbing all the wonderful flavors.
  4. Once the coffee is brewed, remove the carafe from the heat. Gravity and the pressure difference in the upper chamber will push the brewed coffee into the lower carafe leaving the grounds in the top of easy disposal.
  5. Pour and enjoy!

Product Specifications

  • 8 cup vacuum coffee brewer by Bodum
  • Exceptionally effective brewing method for a clean cup of coffee
  • Vacuum brewing extracts all precious oils from coffee grounds
  • Not a whiff of aroma can escape, so it all goes into the water
  • Brews in 5-11 minutes for 4-8 cups (34 ounces)


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