Styling Snoozing With Suitjamas

Who says you have to be a scruffy vagabond in boxers and t-shirts when you can sleep in true style.

Introducing Barney Stinson’s legendary, awe-inspiring Suitjamas, the finest sleepwear a man can buy. Manufactured from 80% pure Silk with a 20% Cotton blend for improved comfort & breathability. Seriously folks, this is premium stuff. We provide the highest quality Suitjamas in the world. You will not find better, Guaranteed. Package Includes:1 x Jacket (Dark Grey)1 x Trousers (Dark Grey)1 x Shirt (Light Grey/White)1 x Sleeping Cravat (Black)* Warning- May cause extreme sexiness

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Futuristic Ironing from Dyson

My passion for ironing has been documented elsewhere, so it shouldn’t surprise any of my friends that any news about advances in ironing technology or technique will garner undo (as far as more reasonable folk are concerned) attention from me.

The Dyson Calor’shocks revisits ironing clothes by using heat and ultrasound to ease out the wrinkles. Ironing is basically a chore no one likes to do and unless you’re the crisp-white-shirt types, we try and cut corners just to get it over and done with.

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Foam Pool Noodles to Save Your Boots on the Cheap

I only own two pair myself, but many of my female friends could get a ton of mileage off this tip.  Especially with traditional boot storage options starting at $20 a piece compared to a couple bucks for a swimming pool “foam noodle” from your local department store than can be used on several pairs.

Here’s how to protect your boots while you’re not wearing them. That sideways droop is damaging to the fabric, so it’s beneficial to the boot and your pocketbook to use boot stuffers.

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Augmented Reality Meets Draping & Fashion Design

While I’m not sure all the hurdles of texture and the real world, but fascinating application of the technology nonetheless.

Designed by Amy Wibowo, Daisuke Sakamoto, Jun Mitani, and Takeo Igarashi at the University of Tokyo, Japan, DressUp is a three-dimensional draping system that allows designers to create digital sketches of a garment on a real dress form. The system consists of a dress form, motion-tracking cutting and adding tools, custom software, and a display for viewing your digital design.

Once the garment is digitally draped, a 2D pattern is generated. The system is designed to be used by creatives …
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