Augmented Reality Meets Draping & Fashion Design

While I’m not sure all the hurdles of texture and the real world, but fascinating application of the technology nonetheless.

Designed by Amy Wibowo, Daisuke Sakamoto, Jun Mitani, and Takeo Igarashi at the University of Tokyo, Japan, DressUp is a three-dimensional draping system that allows designers to create digital sketches of a garment on a real dress form. The system consists of a dress form, motion-tracking cutting and adding tools, custom software, and a display for viewing your digital design.

Once the garment is digitally draped, a 2D pattern is generated. The system is designed to be used by creatives who have little technical patternmaking skills.


The dress form itself functions not only as a tangible surface for designers to sketch on, but also as a way of controlling the perspective of the visual display. Rotating the form, for examples, also rotates the digital image.

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