Reusable Artisan Leather 6-Pack Holder

Ok, this lovely piece of work really makes me ashamed to have ever held a plastic or cardboard bottle carrier.  I can imagine seagulls FIGHTING over the right to caught in one of these.

Walnut Studiolo

Walk into your favorite bottle market or brewery with a lifetime leather six-pack. Featured in Real Simple Magazine Father’s Day Gift Guide,, and Beer West Magazine 2012 Gift Guide, selected by Core77 as of 77 Must-Haves for Hard Times for 2011, and chosen by Chilango Magazine as one of 5 Objetos de Deseo. This stripped-down, minimalist beer box has been unofficially named “The Spartan Carton”.…
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Crafter Creates Tiny Worlds in Bottles

The world can be yours… for a price. Etsy crafter with the apt name, tinyworldinabottle, handcrafts these delightful and whimsical vignettes inside tiny glass bottles slightly bigger than a human thumbnail. Check out the wide variety of scenes they have created.

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I make architectural models professionally. I use these skill and free time to create these bottles. “Tiny World in a Bottle” object. When I have time during making architectural models, I imagine new creation, make it and put in the bottle. Sometimes I make something different from bottles stuff but most of time they are tiny.

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