Concrete Canvas Shelter

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I’ve seen these before and I’m intrigued by the concept. I am HIGHLY dubious of the company’s claim that the small one is deploy-able by two people if the dry weight of 1800kg is correct. That’s like TWO TONS, right? Perhaps they meant two people driving a truck and/or forklift? 🙂

Concrete-fabric hybrid offers instant, secure and lasting shelter


U.K.-based company Concrete Canvas recently added a new product to their line of concrete/fabric based utilities, the Concrete Canvas Shelter. Based on the same concept as the company’s first product Concrete Cloth, the shelter uses the concrete/fabric hybrid that, when activated with water, can be molded into a desirable shape before it hardens.

CC25SaudiArabianDeployment.jpg CCS16SnowBerm.jpg

To get the right shape, the refuge comes with a prefab system designed to incorporate the Concrete Cloth into a quick heavy-duty shelter in lieu of tents. Their CCS25 model can be set up by two people (with no training) in less than an hour and, after drenching it with water, the structure expands, giving you a hardcore shelter ready to go within 24 hours.

CC25Internal.jpg CCS16Fire.jpg

The special fabric transforms from a pliable, easy-to-store bundle into a fireproof, waterproof and potentially bulletproof shelter. Designed specifically to fit into natural surroundings, it can be covered with earth, sand or snow to offer insulation and extra protection from the elements or enemies. Once hardened, the shelters also have lockable doors, providing a higher level of security than traditional fabric structures.


Since these units are semi-permanent (a minimum design life of 10 years) and essentially instant, the applications are great for both industrial and military organizations. They provide quick secure housing or storage for personnel and, due to they modular design, easily link together to create larger spaces. For housing staff after a natural disaster or establishing a quick, sturdy medical center, this product could be life saving.

Currently the largest models offer 54 square meters of operating space and are only available by email order.

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