Maze Sink Add Mystery to Your Morning Routine

I’m not sure this one is practical (think of the cleaning) but it is a beautiful piece of work. As best I can gather from the automatic translation, it is actually based on the street design of city street map?

From Russian:  Use A topographic map as A basin where the Water Flows through the ducts resembling the River channels. A Wooden Three-dimension basin Representing the Streets of central Part of London. London map Choice Being A tribute to the Fact That IT was England where first Industrial products HAD Appeared back in the XVIII century. Expected to use maps
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Tentacle Plunger Brings Terror From the Toilet

Perhaps not the best choice for households attempting to potty train young children, but perfect for the Lovecraftian themed outhouse you’ve been working on.


In a Google translation from Russian, the site claims that it is “…very comfortable to hold, and a large cup diameter increases the effectiveness of Octopus in his work, and it can be used to clean any domestic sewage, including toilet.”

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Stylish Lounging Bath Tub

One of the ongoing challenges of tall folks is a tub that will accommodate more than 1/3 of our length at any given time.  Add the original, good looks of Studio Thol’s design, and you might just have a solution.

This project is a continuation of one of my graduation projects at the Design Academy Eindhoven, wherefore I have done research into the use and properties of fibre reinforced plastics.  The frame is laminated from strips of 3mm thick (American White) oak, bent over a mould. 
The tub is made of a polyester, marble composite.

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