Swiss Take on Car Camping

I have to confess, I’m a complete sucker for stuff that transformers.  Doesn’t matter if it is a chair that turns  into beehive. If it changes, I like it.  So I was completely charmed by SwissRoomBox’s line of units that install into cars and provide sleeping platforms, tables, kitchens, etc for your vehicle.  That some serious “glamping” potential.

Swiss room box unfolded from rear

An incredible fusion between the simplicity of a suitcase, the ingenuity of a Swiss Army knife and the essential of a camper-car functionalities, here is the new RoomBox® freeTech.

rolling package

Thanks to the ingenious folding concept of its intelligent modular system, the RoomBox® freeTech is the most compact of the range. You take it with you while traveling and, in 5 minutes, your car turns into a camper-car for sleeping, cooking and eating.

via SwissRoomBox

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