Folding Canoe Fits In A Backpack

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Portage perhaps, I’d be a bit wary in anything rougher or more extended. Still, got to admire clever design.

Adhoc Folding Canoe (Image courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Boy Scouts of America’s motto is simple: “Be prepared.” And with this folding canoe strapped to their backs, they’ll certainly be one step closer to that goal – at least when it comes to flash floods. Created by Tsor Design’s Ori Levin, the Adhoc canoe (more like a kayak actually) weighs in at just 4.1 kg and can be collapsed into a backpack-sized package that’s easy to carry. It’s made from carbon fiber for the hull and support struts, as well as aramid, a strong, light, heat-resistant synthetic fiber used in body armor and racing sails.

It can be assembled in a mere 5 minutes, and broken down probably even quicker, making it the ideal companion for a portaging adventure. But the slightly exotic materials it’s made from ensure it would definitely be on the pricier side were it to ever go into production.

[ Tsor – industrial design ] VIA [ designboom ]

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