The Guardian: "Global diplomatic crisis" sparked by cables. U.N. spied on; Saudis want US to attack Iran; British royalty misbehaves; U.S. and U.K. intimate but snarky with each other

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Conspicuously timed Denial of Service attacks aside, the goodies keep coming! At least its a break from TSA groping liberties (pun intended).

The Guardian’s coverage of the embassy cables is up: it reports that they’ve already sparked a global diplomatic crisis. Some more juicy revelations:

The U.S. spies on the United Nations, monitoring its telecommunications and IT systems.

Saudi Arabia is lobbying us to attack Iran. Israel is ready to go it alone in such an attack, too, presumably with tacit support from at some Arab states.

• There is ‘devastating criticism’ of the British military’s operations in Afghanistan, but Britain is helping keep Iran policy sane.

• A British royal did something ‘inappropriate.’

• The U.S. government has ‘serious political criticisms of’ British Prime minister David Cameron, but the two governments are ‘particularly intimate’ in their dealings.

Hamed Karzai is motivated by paranoia, and by payment in cash.

• Russia’s government is somewhat in bed with organized crime.

• ANC flunkies kept Nelson Mandela on a tight leash after his release.

The Guardian also has the data for download so you may explore it yourselves.

US embassy cables leak sparks global diplomacy crisis [Graun]

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