Report: Exxon Paid NO Federal Income Tax in 2009

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As I review the with holdings on my modest Freelance income, I can only say “Gee, must be nice to be above the law”. And before anyone slams me about Corporate Taxes… this is an evasion issue, not a legitimacy issue.

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For Americans, the deadline to file taxes is fast approaching. It’s not a happy time for anyone: the inconveniences of hassling through all those forms, the belt-tightening, even corporations are cutting back in order to–what’s that? Oh, hm. It appears that ExxonMobil, the biggest American corporation there is, paid no federal income taxes in 2009. Yes, despite record profits of a whopping $45 billion, the oil giant paid zilch in federal income taxes, a new Read the full story on TreeHugger

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