Inflatable Stuts/Poles Tent from Heimplanet

I’m starting to see more and more of these inflatable tent concepts.  Given the wear and tear I see on materials like aluminum and carbon-fiber supported tents, not to mention the physics of cold/hot air volume, I’m not completely confident on these designs for backcountry use, but I am excited about people and companies willing to experiment with new designs and technologies.

Nature invented one of the most efficient and stable structures: the molecular structure of a diamond. We translate this principle into our “Inflatable Diamond Grid”


This makes the tent easy to pitch and offers outstanding stability – for a good time you can count on when travelling.

The Inflatable Diamond Grid (IDG) is a self-supporting airframe formed out of 5 modular double-layer air beams. They can be divided into five separate air chambers to provide a stable stance even in case of damaged parts. In stormy conditions lines can be used to fix the frame to the ground – usually they will not be necessary. Pitching takes less than a minute – with no parts to put together, just pump it up and feel at home.

Our patent-pending Multi Chamber Safety System enables you to inflate the entire frame (IDG) in just one single step. Once inflated, the frame can be divided into five separate chambers, which ensures sufficient stability in the event that a part becomes damaged. All parts of the IDG can be easy replaced or repaired.

Via Heim Planet


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