Gas Works Park closed Thursday

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Note to self, weather permitting, borrow the kayak and tote the zoom lens out to Union Bay.

Don’t count on going to Gas Works Park Thursday. A music video will be shot in the park, during the day and night. Noise will be controlled, but might be louder than normal.

Gas Works Park

The video’s production coordinator, Vanessa Eng, said flyers will be distributed throughout the park today to give people notice of the shooting, which will take place in three main sections of the park – the fenced and un-fenced areas, as well as the hill.

Local band Gramma Train will be filming the video for the song, “The Last Sound.” Eng said the video will be mostly performance based and that the location was chosen because it’s “iconic of Seattle without being touristy. It has an edgier look that works with a rock band.”

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