Black & Decker’s Alligator Lopper Is The Awesomest Pair Of Scissors I’ve Ever Seen

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In the time honored tradition of hardware in horror, these MUST be used in an upcoming zombie movie.

Black & Decker Alligator Lopper (Images courtesy Black & Decker)
By Andrew Liszewski

Maybe it’s the fact that Black & Decker has gone to the trouble of printing a mean-looking alligator graphic on this lopper that has drawn me to it, but the super villain-esque combination of pruning shears and a miniature chainsaw doesn’t hurt either. A 4.5 amp electric motor and a wide set of jaws allows the Alligator Lopper to chew through a branch up to 4 inches thick like it was a wounded gazelle’s hind leg, and the clamping action ensures it won’t let go until it’s all the way through.

Of course Black & Decker includes a gallery of suggested applications on their site showing how it can be responsibly used for various types of yardwork, but I suspect it would be just as useful in the kitchen for opening canned goods, tearing through baguettes or making short work of that Thanksgiving turkey. $79.97 available wherever awesome tools are sold.

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