“Seed” Cash Kickstarter Project

Seed Money takes itself quite literally… money that can be planted and will sprout into flowers as well as fruit and vegetable species.

Seed Money looks like the real thing – pennies, nickels, dimes, and quarters – but is far more valuable. Use it to solicit surprise and smiles from friends and strangers alike, and then tuck these paper coins in soil to grow colorful flowers and delicious vegetables. It’s tender for tending!

Seed Money will be lovingly designed and made by Lea Redmond and her pals at Slide Sideways and Porridge Papers. This initial run of currency will include hand-illustrated pennies, nickels, dimes and quarters, and will be letterpress printed in Nebraska on thick custom papers embedded with seeds. Available in rolls for sharing and spreading the wealth, these lightweight, whimsical – and practical! – coins will slide easily into a purse or pocket.

  • Pennies: flower mix (Don’t worry, nothing invasive!)
  • Nickels: hearty greens mix (such as kale, chard & spinach)
  • Dimes: herb mix (such as thyme, dill, oregano, parsley & basil)
  • Quarters: salad mix (lettuce, carrot & tomato)

In Soil We Trust
While our Seed Money is mostly lighthearted, it also carries subtle statements and questions about our relationships with nature and money. Can you imagine a culture that deemed food so important that its currency system was based on seeds? Call it the seed standard, instead of the gold standard. What if having a pocketful of seeds was a sign of wealth and prosperity?


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