Tanita Sleep Scan Mat

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Regrettably no word if the device will prevent scenarios like those seen in the movie Paranormal.

Tanita Sleep Scan Mat (Images courtesy Kaden Watch)
By Andrew Liszewski

If warm milk before bed isn’t doing the job when it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, maybe it’s time for a bit of empirical data to help solve the mystery. Japanese company Tanita has just announced the Sleep Scan mat which monitors and records your body motion, breathing patterns and heart rate throughout the night. Using the mat is as easy as slipping it under your mattress, and the data that’s collected is stored on a removable SD card allowing it to be uploaded and analyzed on a PC via an included piece of software.

Using graphs and a calculated ’sleep score’ you might have a chance at figuring out why and when you toss and turn during the night, but it seems to me like you’d still want to seek out the opinion of a professional of insomnia is becoming a real issue for you. The Sleep Scan will be available in Japan come May for about $395, with no official announcement on international availability at this point.

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