How to Make a Travel Size Craft Kit

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I know more than a few “stress relief” crafters who probably wouldn’t mind one of these in their bags.

Many crafts travel easily.

Many crafts travel easily.

Do you hate to sit still? Do meetings, long flights, or commutes get on your nerves? Here’s a quick way to bust that boredom and stay sane. Use those tedious times to make some small craft item by packing your purse with something that can keep your hands busy.


  1. This bracelet requires only a button, cord or string, a needle, and scissors.

    This bracelet requires only a button, cord or string, a needle, and scissors.

    Choose crafts you like that require minimal tools and supplies. Things like Braiding, Macrame, Origami, German Ribbon Stars, small Sewing Projects and Ribbon Bookmarks are perfect for this sort of craft kit.

  2. Decide where you will carry your crafts. If you regularly carry a backpack or you can leave items in your car, you have more options than if you are carrying a tiny purse or have only the space in a pocket.
  3. Consider the volume of supplies needed. You can’t exactly take along an entire afghan, but you may be able to take along just enough for a few squares at a time.
  4. Pincushion Supplies

    Pincushion Supplies

    Collect the supplies for the craft you chose.

    • For example:
    • A small pincushion would require only fabric, a pinch of stuffing, a needle and a spool of matching thread.
    • A ribbon star requires only the knowledge of three folds and a spool of ribbon.
    • Macrame Jewelry would require only a spool of jute and a bag of beads.
    • Origami requires only paper and instructions. (folds flat! Great for stuffing down the side of your purse for a boredom emergency!)
    • Dollar bill origami uses the cash in your pocket instead of origami paper, and is a great way to leave a creative tip and kill time while waiting for the check in a restaurant. All you need is small bills and instructions.
    • A spool of quarter-inch ribbon is all that is needed for a Ribbon Bookmark.
    • Two or three skeins of embroidery floss will make any number of friendship bracelets. Pocket-sized embroidery kits are available to make tiny ornaments.
    • A crochet hook and a small ball of string or yarn is enough for a granny square, motif, or other small project or part of a larger project.
    • Use your imagination. there are lots of fun things to do that take up less than a quart bag in volume.
  5. Condensed supplies.

    Condensed supplies.

    Fold or compress your craft supplies, taking care not to crush things.

  6. Bagged Pincushion supplies

    Bagged Pincushion supplies

    No need to bag a roll of ribbon.

    No need to bag a roll of ribbon.

    Place the supplies in the quart bag.

  7. Who would guess?  There's easily two hours of happy entertainment in there!

    Who would guess? There’s easily two hours of happy entertainment in there!

    Keep several bagged crafts handy to throw into your purse at the last moment. You never know when you’ll have a spare 10 minutes to fill!

  8. A small notebook.

    A small notebook.

    Don’t forget drawing and writing, if you enjoy those activities. A small notebook and a pencil can keep you busy for hours, and you might just create (or conceive) your next masterpiece while waiting in line. You can also use your notebook to dream up and sketch larger projects.


  • Quart size Ziploc Freezer bags are sturdy and re-usable. Avoid the smaller and thinner bags.
  • Make your own bags if you prefer. It will make your projects that much more personal and inviting.
  • Keep it small. You don’t need a sewing machine or hot glue gun to do a lot of fun things.
  • Travel scissors and/or thread clippers are more than enough for most small projects. Leave the shears at home.
  • Choose crafts you like and can use.
  • Choose crafts you can do on the go, without a lot of instructions.
  • Choose crafts that don’t require magnification or strong task lighting. Many offices, train stations, waiting rooms and hotel rooms don’t have enough lighting for a detailed craft like counted cross stitch.
  • Present a small handmade craft, such as a bracelet, bookmark, paper crane, or ribbon star to somebody else who is waiting with you. It will brighten their day and it might just start a conversation, leading you to another way to pass the time.
  • Know someone who likes to do crafts? Give them a travel-sized kit with enough pieces to get them started on a project or even a new craft!
  • Do you a favorite craft? Choose or make a more permanent bag or pouch for it. Then, simply replenish any supplies you consume (yarn, paper) as you go.


  • Read the rules before flying. TSA now allows small scissors (under 3 inches) and sewing kits, but you should leave your sewing shears at home if flying commercially.

Things You’ll Need

  • Craft supplies
  • Quart Size Freezer bags

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