It’s Expensive To Swim Like Michael Phelps

Not all of us were born nearly super-human swimming prodigies that subsequently trained to the peak of human ability.  Nor do we possess Atlantean heritage.  So what are our options? Why, technology of course… last refuge of the lazy but clever.

Bladefish 5000 | Underwater Scooter

The NEW BladeFish “5000 Turbo” Sea Scooter is the top of the line dive propulsion vehicle for scuba divers, snorkelers and swimmers. The 4 speed BladeFish “5000 Turbo” features a fourth Turbo gear for a 20% power boost on demand for speeds in access of 4mph. At a total weight of only 10.5 pounds, the BladeFish “5000 Turbo” underwater scooter is still incredibly compact making it the lightest, most powerful sea scooter available today!

More new features on the BladeFish “5000 Turbo” include integrated camera mount for recording your adventure and adjustable buoyancy. With only 15 in diameter and 6 in width, the BladeFish “5000 Turbo’s” innovative and unique design allows for easy packing on the go or while traveling . It also features a powerful and extremely fast to charge 18 volt Lithium-Ion battery that gives you a run-time of 55-120 minutes. Recharging is lightning fast with a full recharge time in only 4 hours or speedy Ready To Go charge in 2 hours.


It’s rugged triple seal construction and use of high grade poly-carbonate and ABS materials guarantee this sea scooter is built to withstand the elements. This underwater scooter tops out at a speed in excess of 4mph and it’s rated at 130 ft depth for achieving recreational scuba diving depths.

The BladeFish “5000 Turbo” DPV (Dive Propulsion Vehicle) comes equipped with computer controlled circuitry, triple seals and battery life meter. Includes durable carry bag, charger, adjustable float system and removable camera mount.

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