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Wow, these look striking. My first impression was of normal strawberries and white chocolate, but the truth sounds pretty tasty in its own right.

At first look, you’re probably thinking the same thing I did…”What the heck happened to these Strawberries??’ These are not, if fact, Strawberries but are a close cousin called Pineberries. I know, crazy looking, right?

Per their commercial producer, VitalBerry:

Pineberries are actually the oldest strawberry variety and were brought from Chile to France in the 1700’s. Originally strawberries were white in south America and Red in north America (known as scarlets)…

Pineberries are much smaller than the strawberries we are used to seeing today and what makes their appearance so distinct is their white flesh which is studded with red seeds. The aroma and flavour of pineberries never disappoints – the striking berries have a pineapple flavour.

I must get my hands on some of these. They combine two of my favorite flavors in a cool looking exterior. My mind is already whirling with reverse-color recipe ideas. Any one ever seen these in person? Wonder if there is a pineberry recipe database out there somewhere…

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