If Henry Ford Invented Breakfast

On the opposite end of the uni-tasker, a device which is almost useless in its ability to to anything but a single task, is the multi-tasker.  These devices seek to combine a ton of functions and usually end up doing them all in a pretty mediocre manner (all in one printer, anyone?).  Behold the 3 in 1 Breakfast Station.

The world is shrinking… you may have heard the adage. It implies that today’s ever-more-connected society is reducing the practical distance between us to almost nothing. The truth is, though, we’re running out of space! Either we’re living in increasingly urban environments, where space is naturally at a premium, or we’re hoarding more stuff. For some of us, it’s both.

In a world where usable space is a luxury, we have to make lifestyle choices. Remove your tub and put in a shower stall, sleep on the couch instead of a bed, eschew breakfast because cookware takes up too much space… wait. Perhaps you’re going too far there?

Make breakfast

Breakfast, if it is to be believed, is the most important meal of the day. Skip it at your own peril! If, however, you have to choose between breakfast and still being able to walk through your kitchen without disturbing the precariously balanced stacks of pizza boxes, might we offer a humble suggestion?

This tiny appliance is barely bigger than a regular toaster, and yet crams three separate appliances in one! One one side, you have a coffee maker capable of making a couple cups of coffee. Next to it is a tiny personal toaster-oven, browning bread like a champ! Finally, and cleverly we might add, is a wee skillet that utilizes the waste heat from the toaster oven. Crack a couple of eggs or strips of bacon onto it, and you’ve got yourself a complete breakfast in a space no bigger than a pekinese.


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