Wax Casting Recyclable Tableware On-Demand

Quite a step above the paper and plastic temporary tableware we often drag out and promptly stuff into the nearest trash receptacle. In a truly clever and inspired design, one core set of tableware becomes the mold for as many additional pieces as you need (assuming you have enough wax). When you’re done, just melt them back down and store the wax for use again later.

Meltware has three stoneware pieces — a spoon, a bowl, and a carafe — that double as molds for extending your set. You make the rest of the collection using Carnauba wax, a super-hard, …
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How to Create Your Own Storage Compartment Sofa

I love having more storage and if its discretely integrated into something I’m going to have anyway, all the better.  Anyone who is trying to live in a small space and declutter their lives will also love Ana White’s storage compartment sofa plan.

Storage Sofa

A sofa that you can build with a fold out seat perfect for storing extra pillows and blankets. Based off a sleeping pad foam cushion, so seating surface doubles as a guest bed.

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Modernized Chinese Steamer Set

That is one gorgeous re-imagining of a traditional food steamer. Love the way they preserved the bamboo feel but brought it up to date with reliable ceramic.  Makes we wish I did enough steam cuisine to justify owning this set.

Skim Milk: Steamer Set by Office for Product Design for JIA Inc.

Steamer Set, designed by Office for Product Design for JIA Inc, is a modern interpretation of the traditional steamer. Steaming food has been at the core of traditional Chinese cooking, but the Chinese steamer has hardly seen any change to its aesthetic, until now. This new rendition reinterprets the classic steamer into a modernized and functional design.

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I’m not sure if they are clever, geometric storage, work and relaxation pods… or if they are alien artifacts that will trigger sapience among proto-human hominids.

Tetra Shed

Coming early 2012,  tetra shed®  is a new modular building system which, as a single module, has been designed to be a modern garden office. A double module layout has also been designed to create a larger office for larger gardens.

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Stylish Marina Living in Total Comfort

I’ve know a few “live-aboards” in my life and they vary greatly. Some are real blue water sailors just laying over for a while, others are basically just “camping” and others are living quite well in their floating homes.  But this floating home from Rieul-Useful is on a completely different level.  It combines boat house, tiny home movement and stylish studio in a really stunning home.

Not so much a yacht as it is a floating home, the Rieul-Useful provides luxurious accommodations from the comfort of the marina. The second floor consists of two bedrooms, an entertainment lounge and complete …
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