Smartphone wars: In US, iPhone is top device, while Android is top OS

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March on Android Legion. PS – Coming for your tablets next. 🙂

Nielsen reports on market share for smartphones in the US, with an interesting split between domination for OS and domination by actual device. Google Android is currently the top operating system, at 39 percent, with Apple’s iOS at 28 percent, and the RIM Blackberry at 20 percent. “However, because Apple is the only company manufacturing smartphones with the iOS operating system, it is clearly the top smartphone manufacturer in the United States.” iPhone has 28% of the market. All of this is based on June, …
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Folding Canoe Fits In A Backpack

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Portage perhaps, I’d be a bit wary in anything rougher or more extended. Still, got to admire clever design.

Adhoc Folding Canoe (Image courtesy designboom)
By Andrew Liszewski

The Boy Scouts of America’s motto is simple: “Be prepared.” And with this folding canoe strapped to their backs, they’ll certainly be one step closer to that goal – at least when it comes to flash floods. Created by Tsor Design’s Ori Levin, the Adhoc canoe (more like a kayak actually) weighs in at just 4.1 kg and can be collapsed into a backpack-sized package that’s easy to carry. It’s made from carbon fiber for …
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I Just Died and Went to Samsung Galaxy Heaven

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Now that is one super sexy concept. Not sure about practicality (design or technology) but it is cool to see companies thinking outside the box.

Here is a concept phone that I have totally fallen in love with. Name the features and it’s all in there. Flexible screen, projector, camera…ah the works! One of those designs where you let the pictures do the talking…so go ahead and hit the jump!

Designer: Heyon You


Yanko Design
Timeless Designs – Explore wonderful concepts from around the world!
Yanko Design Store – We are about more than just concepts. …
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Kenton Sorenson Handmade Leather Short Stay Bag

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Lovely piece of work… not sure about buying a bag that might cost more than the “short stay” it is designed for though.

Kenton Sorenson designs simple, elegant leather goods in his Wisconsin studio.  His pieces are made from salt-cured, vegetable-tanned leathers from “unbranded male cattle hides raised by American ranchers – a type less than 1% of all available hides.”  Each piece is “cut, oiled, conditioned with beeswax, and hand stitched using a heavy thread prior to the installation of hardware when appropriate.”  Shown above is the Short Stay Bag.  The bag has a padded handle …
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Build your own laser guided slingshot

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Oh sure, now I see this. Where was it when I was considering a Neo-Luddite in Eclipse?

A slingshot is hardly considered a weapon by today’s standards. Sure, it can inflict damage upon someone if used in a violent manner, but they’re more used for fun target practice than anything. Part of […]

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