Apple tops Android in enterprise; little green robot still gunning for corner office

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March on Android Legion!

BlackBerry used to rule the boardroom, but over the past few years we’ve seen a steady uptick in the number of enterprise users switching to their OS of choice. So who’s going to be the successor to the BlackBerry throne? Well, according to Good’s latest report, Apple devices have fast become the preferred companions for its customers, and it looks like the iPad’s leading the way. The enterprise provider shows that in Q2 2011, users activated more iPads than Android smartphones and tablets combined. What’s more, iPads made up 95 percent of tablet …
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Science on Screen coming to 8 theaters across America

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I wish this were coming to somewhere I lived. 🙁

Science on Screen is a cool program that provides funding to theaters so that they can host events pairing movies with related, pop-culturey lectures by scientists. Think: Night of the Living Dead + the neurobiology of zombies.

The Science on Screen grant recipients were recently announced. If your local theater is on this list, rest assured, I envy you.

California Film Institute, San Rafael, CA

Cinema Arts Centre, Huntington, NY

The Loft Cinema, Tucson, AZ

Maiden Alley Cinema, Paducah, KY

Oklahoma City Museum of Art Film Program, …
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Posters that are Good Enough to Eat

farm mark photo
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These Farmers’ Market posters look old fashioned, straight from the barn on grandpa’s farm in Tennessee. But they are not.

The homespun look is created by two graphic artists, working from an old studio in Tennessee and hand printing the art on recycled paper. …Read the full story on TreeHugger

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Suck it with a Titanium Straw

Also great for aging, toothless vampires.

Geek gadgets never fails to impress me. Case in point – they are now offering a Titanium Straw for your beverage slurping enjoyment. Why would anyone need a titanium straw? Ummmm… because! This particular straw is made of food safe titanium that is 7″ long and has a 40 degree angle at one end. Now we just need a tiny brush thingy to clean it when it gets all goopy inside from constant Diet Coke consumption. The Titanium Straw is available now for $14.99



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Google+ Now The Top Free App In The Apple App Store

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You got Google in my iPhone!

After less than 24 hours of being live, the Google+ iPhone app has hit the number one free spot in the Apple app store, beating out “Draw ‘n’ Go: Awesomeness!” for the top slot.

This is quite impressive considering that the app, which started out buggy and continued to be buggy after the “fastest update to an iPhone app” Erick has ever seen, is currently only pertinent to at the most an estimated 18 million people in the field test AND that Google has its own mobile operating system to focus …
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