Personal Flying Car

It isn’t quite the flying cars we were promised in our childhood, but at least this one is (almost) here now. The creators claim that it falls within international flying and driving cars but I’m not sure exactly what that means. Video after the cut.

For more than a century man has dreamed of the freedom provided by a flying car. The ultimate vehicle to go wherever and whenever you want to, easily overcoming all sorts of barriers. Now you can leave home and fly-drive to almost any destination! Avoid traffic jams and cross lakes, fjords, rivers or mountain ranges …
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Step Aside Vespa, It’s Hover Scooter

Oh sure, your vintage, fully restored Vespa is very chic among the hipsters but they can all eat my anti-gravitons as I zip by on my Hover Scooter. That’s right, Jetsons, I’m commuting in style come 2150.

hoverscooter2 small Hover Scooter how I love thee...

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