Flying Remote Control TARDIS

It won’t get you through all of time and space, but it will zip around the home or office earning you massive geek points.

Doctor Who Remote Control Flying TARDIS

Re-live your favorite Doctor Who adventures and make this awesome TARDIS replica fly by remote control! This fantastically fun Doctor Who Remote Control Flying TARDIS is nothing short of brilliant. It really flies through the air!

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Bacon Flavored Bubble Machine, For Dogs (Maybe)

I’ve never met a dog that didn’t eat soap bubbles, either to the delight or frustration of the children blowing them.  By making them bacon scented you aren’t going to discourage that reaction but you may make yourself a lifelong canine friend.

In this package, you’ll receive: 1 x Bubbletastic dog bubble machine 4 x Bubbletastic 8 oz. bacon bubble refill bottles Instructions Did you know? Dogs L-O-V-E popping bubbles! Yep, it’s true. Dog’s just can’t get enough of bubbles. Popping them, chasing them, pouncing on them and chomping them! Well, who can blame them when the dog bubbles are …
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Educo Takes Your Child’s Imagination to the Stars

Move over Barbie dream house, your little girl or boy can now plan their space mission instead of doting over the emotionally unavailable Ken.

This spaceship and rocket will provide the fuel for imaginative explorations as children prepare, launch or arrive at their destination somewhere in the galaxy. The top of the rocket detaches and can become a landing module

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Palm Sized Cannon Bring Artillery to the Desktop

In the immortal words of A Christmas Story, you WILL put your eye out.  But even that grim certainly doesn’t make me want one of these any less. Video after the cut of the destruction of a perfectly “good” bottle of Corona.

Pocket Artillery Mini Cannon

The Mini Cannon from Pocket Artillery are real muzzle loading machines that use black powder to blast out a larger bang than you might expect. The cannons fire standard .177″ BB’s using a fireworks fuse and have a range of up to – get this – 100 yards. But take note: these are not toys, and can be …
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Working Paper Craft Safe Plans

I’ve loved the Rob Ives creations for a long time. If I could, I’d subscribe for life.  Anyhow, check out his amazing mechanical safe papercraft.

A fully working paper safe to download and make. Dial in your secret combination at the dial on the  front of the safe to unlock the hidden drawer.  Print out the parts onto thin card. (230 gsm / 230 micron) and let the ink dry completely. Carefully score along all the dotted and dashed lines then cut out the holes with a sharp knife before carefully cutting out the parts. Accuracy is very important in …
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