Fruit Loops Tea Bags

I am at one horrified and intrigued.  As a child, I probably drank more “cereal milk” than actual milk, but my adult stomach is protesting at the idea.

Picture of Cereal Tea

As you may have surmised, we will be making hot, cereal tea, thus eliminating superfluous food consumption and capturing the imagination of youngsters worldwide. Now, any two-bit hack can flavor some milk with cereal and then ditch the cereal.

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Manatee or Manatea? Why Not Both!

I’m not the biggest tea drink; coffee person personally, but if we do share one thing, it is a passion for paraphernalia for our beverages of choice.


Ahhh.  There’s nothing like a sea cow to make tea time a little more comforting!  Everybody’s favorite Floridian wants to brew you a nice cup of tea and share a slow, calm moment.  Our ManaTea Tea Infuser loves relaxing in your warm water while it brews your tea!  This gentle creature just wants to rest in your mug!

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New Cup Design Takes a Shot at Tea Making

Given the number of spent tea bags, sitting sadly in saucers I get to see, I think this cup is nigh miraculous.

The slit in the handle keeps the tag from falling in and allows the user to squeeze the liquid out of the soaked bag simply by pulling back as you would a slingshot. Just be careful not to pop yourself in the eye!

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Tasteless Tasty Tea Maker

Oh sure, we can get a chuckle out of it now, but for some of us the loss of Jack is still too painful. 😉


Designed by Gordon Adler, the Tea.Tanic is a tea bag holder crafted from stainless steel and made to resemble the Titanic. It’s made to fit all coffee and tea mugs, and has a strategically placed groove that allows it to hang from the lip.

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A Good Cup of Coffee Raises Your Spirit

This might be taking the spirit-lifting effects of a tasty beverage a bit too literally, but I think these cups are delightful.


The factory will also need to produce the production molds for the mug and handle as well.  If the project is really popular, I may consider offering color options if the manufacturing process easily allows for it. It’s my understanding that during the glazing process, maintaining the mug in a hanging position in extreme temperatures complicates the traditional process of making a porcelain mug. For this project to be successful, I will need a minimum order of 500 …
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