New Cup Design Takes a Shot at Tea Making

Given the number of spent tea bags, sitting sadly in saucers I get to see, I think this cup is nigh miraculous.

The slit in the handle keeps the tag from falling in and allows the user to squeeze the liquid out of the soaked bag simply by pulling back as you would a slingshot. Just be careful not to pop yourself in the eye!

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Moon Glass Brings Lunar Cycles to Your Tea Service

Ignoring the fact that I drink neither tea nor sake, I still find these cups charming.  Perhaps an art and decor movement, garou-elegance?

Based in Seoul, Korea, the design studio Tale Co., Ltd.’s Moon Glass isn’t just your ordinary glass. The ceramic cup shows a full moon when it’s full of liquid, then as your drink, it slowly unveils a half moon, then a crescent-shaped moon. Available in two sizes and in black and white, drink your colorful beverages in the white and your turbid rice wine or sake, as they suggest, in your black one.

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